TDC Connections 2021 – Agile Internationalization A collection of third party resources related to this topic: Google I/O 2013 – Developing for a Global Audience: Tools for Internationalization & Localization Smashing Conference Toronto 2019 – Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures



What am I doing now? I work at Zensurance (check our careers page) My wife and I have a project called Rumo Certo (in Brazilian Portuguese), an Instagram account where we share about our experience immigrating to Canada I research and talk about Internationalization in the Tech Industry I study at UofT School of Continuing…
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Receive tips in your email My social networks SEE ALL BLOG POSTS Effective Tech Leadership I have a long history in different fields of technology. I started programming as a hobby in 1999, experimenting with JavaScript, my pet-programming-language, though I have worked in projects using Delphi, PHP, C#, Swift, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, ABAP and Java.…
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